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electric scooters are becoming the new trend of environmental commuting!
08.13.2021 | kugooshop | Blog

As we all know, the dominant mode of transportation is the car, but the car will emit a lot of carbon dioxide, aggravating the air pollution in the city, while the car horn on the road will also cause noise pollution, the following car will also cause water pollution, these conditions are seriously threatening people's health, but also not conducive to the harmony between man and nature.

In view of this, the prevalence of automobile traffic has also caused increasing traffic congestion and even various traffic accidents, and travel safety has thus become a concern.

Against this backdrop, the concept of environmental protection and green mobility has emerged, and "car-free" eco-cities have become a new development goal for cities. The younger generation's love for cars is also cooling.

In the U.S., for example, the percentage of people with a driver's license has dropped dramatically over the past few decades, especially among young people.

In 1983, more than 91 percent of young Americans aged 20-24 held a driver's license; by 2014, however, that number had dropped to 77 percent; in 2021, even more.

This time, electric scooters were born.

Because it uses clean energy, can effectively reduce the carbon emissions brought about by travel, reduce the pollution of the environment, and electric scooters are light and easy to carry, the price is more affordable compared to cars, in addition, because of the small size of electric scooters, the driving of some complex road conditions are not a problem, so more and more people began to choose electric scooters as their own mobility tools.

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